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Orwell’s 1984 – Here. Now.

Government agencies gaining access to all of your financial history -without your knowledge and consent. 

Authorities prosecuting individuals who have rightly and justly chosen to defend their homes and families in life-threatening situations.

An elected government taking an increasing percentage of your hard earned income and giving those tax dollars to third world despots and globalists organizations actively working to undermine  Canadian legal, social, economic and cultural values – replacing Canadian sovereignty with socialist ideological globalism.

Divisive identity politics that promotes special interest group interests ahead of the welfare and well-being of all Canadians, with justice and law no longer applied equally, universally and in accordance with legislation by ‘social activist’ judges who no longer respect the power of the legislative branch of government.

The looming spectre of a sitting Canadian government abrogating its responsibility to Canadians and allowing the UN to create an immigration policy that will overwhelm the Canadian identity and create an unsustainable financial burden of untoward proportions.

An elected government picking economic ‘winners and losers’ based on ideology and globalist lobbying instead of protecting and preserving the right of Canadian investors and workers to generate income and economic well-being in a free market, laissez faire demonstrably successful economic model as evidenced south of the 49th parallel since the election of Trump.

We watch our elected government, openly and publicly, encourage known terrorists and agents of foreign powers committed to the destruction of Canada and our value systems to return to Canada, whether Canadian citizens or not, with impunity and with blatant disregard of existing Canadian laws and international law concerning insurgents and terrorists.

Have we lost our collective minds?  How did we get to this place?  And why are more Canadians not standing up for the Canadian values that made our country strong, free and a land of opportunity? When did we become acquiescent sheep instead of entrepreneurial, hard-working individuals interested in preserving our integrity, our freedom, our responsibilities, and our future?

Two of the most compelling and disturbing books of my youth were written by Eric Arthur Blair (aka George Orwell) , a 20th century colourful literary eccentric who sported tribal Burmese tattoos, ‘went native’ even in his own country and was descended from ‘landed gentry’ who filled exotic colonial posts including a father who worked in the Opium department of the Indian Civil Service and a wife who worked in the Censorship Department of the British Government Ministry of Information .

In spite of this background, perhaps because of it, Orwell became one of the most visionary writers of the mid twentieth century, writing dystopian novels concerning totalitarianism, propaganda and state control over individuals.  ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984′ are as bleak, chilling and prophetic as is Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’.

As disturbing as those ‘science fiction’ genre novels seemed at the time, never did I actually believe that I would, in my lifetime, witness firsthand the current epic degeneration and corruption of foundational Western Civilization freedoms, values and principles.

Until the collapse of the Berlin Wall, totalitarian statehood seemed restricted to Third World nations, the former USSR, Communist China, North Korea and their ilk.

Now, however, due to an incessant creep of socialist, globalist doctrine infused into otherwise democratic countries, we are witnessing an attack on Western Civilization values that is a virtual assault on a significant egalitarian system that most of us have grown up to embrace and cherish.

We witnessed, from afar, the degeneration of European nation states as they abrogated their own sovereignty by creating ‘Post National’ and ‘Super National’ institutions such as the European Union, de-legitimizing their own laws, rights and responsibilities in the process.  We watched these European nations start to lose their own national identities and culture, as an uncontrolled spread of multi-culturalism and multi-nationalism, aided and abetted by virtually uncontrolled immigration policies, has diluted the social fabric of these countries, most notably Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, Great Britain and Sweden, to the point where police tell law abiding citizens that they literally must stay out of ‘lawless zones’ into which the police forces will not venture even to protect citizens who pay dearly for that right.

We watch as a globalist financed and backed caravan of illegal aliens approach the US southern border to demand entry and rights accorded to US citizens without following due process.  We sit by, idly, as the Canadian government allows thousands of illegal aliens into our own country, housing these illegal aliens in expensive hotels without any established limit on how much of our taxpayer Canadian resources will be expended – and to what purpose.

We sit back, comfortably and idly, as Canadian main stream news organizations propagandize, idolize and deify Canadian political leaders who are actively, and with malice aforethought, destroying the very institutions, values and principles that made Canada one of the world’s pre-eminent countries that could once hold its head high in the international community of nations.

Take some time and think about what is really happening to you, your country Canada – and your future.

Think about the consequences of restricting free speech as mandated by M-103.

Consider the possible economic collapse of the Canadian economy as is likely because of Bill C-69 and punitive Carbon Tax legislation.

Ponder the invasion of your own personal, and financial, privacy as a result of the sitting government supporting Stats Canada gaining access to your personal financial information, current and historical, without your knowledge and consent.

Reflect on the unimaginable social cost of allowing a little known and understood clause in the Paris Accord to force Canada to enter into an immigration policy known as the UN Global Compact on Migration which virtually assures that the Canadian government, and Canadians, will lose jurisdiction over our own immigration policies and goals.

Invest some time and educate yourself to the social, cultural and economic catastrophic  maelstrom that Canada is fast approaching – unless concerned, knowledgeable and principled Canadians intervene and throw a corrupt, globalist, ideologically ‘bought and paid for’ Liberal government out of power in 2019.

Then, do yourself a further favour and read, or re-read, Orwell’s ‘1984’.  Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’.  Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’.

Ask yourself, objectively, how close we really are to those chilling alternatives becoming our new Canadian reality.

You, the Canadian voter and taxpayer, may well be the last line of defense.

Think about your future, the future of Canada and the future of generations of Canadians who will depend on the decisions we collectively make.  Now.  Today.  In 2019.  Then ask yourself how many more chances are we going to be given to preserve all that we have achieved and hold sacred – the very fabric of our Canadian identity.

Afraid to be ‘Conservative’?

One of the main issues dividing the Conservative Party of Canada at the moment is the highly controversial, economically unsound and unjustifiable caucus ( including policy) support for Supply Management.  Mainstream conservative laissez faire economic ‘hands off’ the economy principles clearly indicate that the Supply Management support is not only contrary to basic conservative values but it also provides no differentiation from federal Liberals – who have chosen to be the champions of quota driven Supply Management economics to the detriment of the consumer.  Even worse for Conservatives, the support for this prejudicial economic protection of specific industries does not historically help Conservatives at the polls, since most beneficiaries of this system are going to be casting their votes in favour of the Liberal Party of Canada, in any event.

We are providing hereunder a number of links to current think tank studies, including a recent (2017) study from the University of Victoria that clearly and objectively outlines the detrimental overall economic effect of Supply Management and the high cost resultant to consumers.

It would make far more sense for the Conservative Party of Canada to provide support for universal economic models wherein the practice of market driven competitiveness and free market pricing (independent of government interference) would equally benefit all agricultural producers, similar to what should happen in other economic sectors, including energy, manufacturing and retailing.  Government ‘bail outs’ and unjustifiable government contributions to specific companies including Bombardier and Toyota Canada are the antithesis of small ‘c’ conservatism and should be vigorously denounced by the Conservative Party of Canada, its leadership and its membership.

The undernoted letter from Ian Tribes underscores the problem for conservatives – and also identifies an easy and economically sound solution.

Sir :
It is now and has for some time been obvious that Canada must end the current system of so-called Supply Management in dairy and poultry production.  Not only is it a constant irritant to our international trading partners  (which has a negative impact on Canadian exporters in virtually all industries), it has also turned milk and poultry production into “big-boy’s games”, where the traditional family farm literally cannot afford to compete —  not at $ 25,000.00 —  $ 42,500.00  PER COW in Quota fees.  Absurd numbers, to be sure, and just as surely designed to squeeze the small players out.  Worst of all, Supply Management has been a disaster for Canadian consumers, saddling them with prices for milk, cheese, chicken, etc.  that are well in excess of those paid by people in other countries, where true market prices prevail.  The difference can be as high as 300 % for some products.  That this massive overcharging has hit lower-income people the hardest goes without saying.  
In short, Supply Management benefits almost no one, at a great cost to almost everyone.   This is, or should be considered as, the very definition of bad policy.  So, what to do?
End it, that’s what.  And immediately, too ;  none of this nonsense about incremental changes, or “phasing out” over some arbitrarily-chosen number of years.  Get rid of the whole thing at once, dissolve the Provincial marketing boards and the CDC ( dismissing their officers with thanks, but not much else.  They’ve all done quite well out of it already ), and restore freedom to the production of milk, eggs, and poultry.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD REASON NOT TO DO THIS.  The job of the various Legislatures of this country is to implement policy that has the greatest possible benefit for the greatest possible number of Canadian citizens and legal residents ;  not to keep a small cabal rolling in other people’s money in perpetuity.
And what of the farmers  ( NOTE:  As hinted at above, most of the players in question are factory farms nowadays.  But we’ll call them “farmers”, just for old time’s sake ) who have taken out large bank loans to buy these outrageously-expensive quotas?  One is tempted to say that they have made their own beds and can now lie in them ;  after all, businesses in other sectors often find their assets suddenly become worthless, and nobody tosses so much as a penny their way.  However, in the spirit of charity, here is a simple proposal, one that will compensate the farmers for their quota “investments”  without costing the taxpayer a dime :  Simply create a tax credit for each farm, equivalent to the face value  of their quotas  ( ie. the nominal price as issued by the CDC/marketing boards ),  which they can apply against their farm’s income tax until such time as they have recovered the money.
And please, let us not have any foolishness about how this tax credit would “cost” the Treasury in “lost” tax dollars.  Such notions, common as they may be in some circles, are patently ridiculous.  One cannot lose something that one never had in the first place.

The solution to the harmful mess that is Supply Management is, well, very simple.  The question is, has anyone got the backbone to do it?  And will anyone in the Canadian political scene do what is right, stand up for the average citizen of Canada, and bring this corrupt system to its well-deserved end?

Ian D. Tribes

Vernon, BC

Dirty Politics Is Now Raw Sewage

As voters, it is time we asked ourselves ‘Where were we when we allowed politicians to becoming corrupt, lawless and wholly unaccountable to us, the electorate?’

On both sides of the border, we are constantly shocked at the ongoing revelations from Freedom of Information requests and law suit petitions to the bureaucracy concerning a litany of blatant constitutional violations and undeniable unethical practices.

In the US, there is no longer any doubt that the Deep State exists, has existed and without the election of Donald Trump, would probably have continued to exist – spying on US citizens for political gain, ignoring constitutional imperatives and flagrant disregard for underlying US laws.  The Deep State actively (not passively) is being revealed as supporting the Democratic Party to the exclusion of conscience, accountability and transparency.  Why was this allowed to happen?

Because the elected representatives themselves, in many cases, are corrupt, unethical and wholly incapable of acting in good faith without extreme partisan bias and self-serving special interests.

The latest revelation in the US is that Christopher Steele, the infamous author of the ‘Fake Trump Dossier’ was a de facto agent of the Obama administration, participating in more than one hundred (100) reports and covert investigations between 2014 and 2016, according to the most recent published information. Never previously disclosed.  Never to be revealed without the due diligence of justice and democracy watch groups. The Democratic Party is dirty (at the top) – filthy dirty and the continued attempts to undermine President Trump and the Republican Party will inevitably result in the exposure of systemic corruption at a level that will make the Watergate investigation look like a children’s picnic, in comparison.

How is it possible that the US has sunk to this new low in ethical, accountable and transparent government practice?

Because we let it happen.  With the full support and complicity of an equally corrupt, unaccountable and biased Main Stream Media that is no longer anything other than a propaganda tool for the socialist left.  The word ‘News’ should be dropped in its entirety from MSM broadcasts.  News is not what is being reported unless it pertains to hurricanes, natural disasters, mass murders or the odd ‘human interest’ story.  Otherwise, the deliberate emphasize is leftist, socialist propaganda with ‘opinion’ commentators taking the place of ‘news’ broadcasters.

It is long past time that we rise up in outrage and be insulted that we are treated so cavalierly, manipulated so blatantly, treated so dishonestly by a self-serving media that is every bit as corrupt as the politicians and the bureaucrats they support.

It has been often noted in Twitter feeds and other non-traditional news sources that the Canadian Main Stream Media is every bit as corrupt and complicit, perhaps even more so.  Why?  Because, instead of reporting on the real alarming news stories being generated by an equally corrupt, self-serving and unethical Liberal government in Ottawa including constitutional violations and unethical practices revealed by the (thankfully departing) Ethics Commissioner, the Canadian Main Stream Media follows, like brainless sheep, the lead of the US MSM, reporting extensively and perversely on US issues and concocted stories, rather than concentrating on the very real issues and challenges that Canadians are facing.

The Main Stream Media is unethical and completely obvious  in its bias.  So why are we not disgusted, as voters and citizens, to the point where we demand accountability, transparency, balance and integrity?

Perhaps slowly, but surely, we are seeing the trend away from unqualified,  unjustifiable faith in the integrity of the media, both in Canada and in the US.  Frankly, its about time.

A Harvard University sponsored Harvard-Harris poll, in 2017, revealed that ‘nearly two-thirds of Americans say the mainstream press is full of fake news, a sentiment that is held by a majority of voters across the ideological spectrum’.  Source: The Hill

In February, 2017 a Gallup poll indicated:

‘trust in the mass media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly” is at its lowest level in polling history.

Only 32 per cent of respondents said they trusted the mainstream media.’

Unfortunately, Canadians do not appear to be as quick at realizing how we are being duped, manipulated and denied actual news by Canadian news sources – at least according to some reports, most notably a ‘bought and paid for’ IPSOS poll sponsored by the Radio Television Digital News Association in 2017.  Even this biased, self-serving poll indicated that  31% of Canadians do not continue to trust traditional news media.

What that tells me is that 69% of Canadians are too lazy, too complacent or too uncaring to meaningfully and honestly assess the quality of the information that is being provided through traditional, corporate shareholder profit-driven ‘opinion’ broadcasters.

My thoughts?  Wake up, Canada, and pay attention to what is really going on in the world around us.

A Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism based on a large (70,000 plus) sampling size from 36 different countries provides the real facts.

The 18-24 year age group gets 64% of its news from Online sources, including social media.  Television is only accountable for 24% and print media trails badly at 5%.

The 25-34 year age group gets 58% of its news from Online sources, including social media.  Television accounts for 29% and print media still trails badly at 5%.

The 35-44 year age group gets 49% of its news from Online sources, including social media.  Television improves to 37% but print media remains a dismal 6%.

The 45-54 year age group gets 39% of its news from Online sources, including social media.  Television provides 45% and print media  remains a distant 7%.

Only in the 55+ age group is the provisions of traditional main stream media a major factor.  Online sources provide 28% while television is pre-eminent at 51% while print media rises marginally to 11%.

So who are you going to believe?  Those in failing industries who are desperate to maintain any semblance of market share?  Opinion commentators who are stooping to the trashy supermarket tabloid headlines in order to satisfy their corporate bosses and shareholders?

Or, is it finally time to acknowledge that we need to take personal responsibility and either call out ‘fake news’ or just dismiss it as irrelevant noise and distraction.

Clearly, those under 45 years of age have already got the message.  They, as a group, are receiving well over half of their news from online sources – just as it should be.  Unfiltered, and immediate, with biases that are readily apparent and determinable based on the source.

The corollary to this new reality is that there is still a significant percentage of the population that is not receiving unfiltered, factual information.  Instead, those individuals continue to mistakenly and harmfully rely on Main Stream Media – to the detriment of good public policy, accountability and transparency.

Too many individuals in Canada do not know that the sitting Prime Minister is an intellectually and ideology challenged puppet of interest groups who do not have the best interests of Canada at heart.  One has to read Twitter feeds and ‘alternate’ news sources to find out what is really going on.  We need to elect a ‘Canadian’ Prime Minister in 2019, not an intellectually challenged Globalist.

How many Canadians know that the average Canadian (81% of taxpayers) will be paying more tax in 2018, not less as represented by the Liberals and mindlessly trumpeted by Canadian Main Stream Opinionists?  A current Fraser Institute study indicates that almost all Canadian families with children (excluding Quebec, not surprisingly) will pay $2,218 more in taxes in 2018 than they did in 2017.

The Canadian main stream media has strenuously avoided the reported ethics violations of both Trudeau and his opportunistic multi-millionaire buddy Morneau who has also reportedly violated a number of ethical standards concerning his own business affairs.  Canadians have to look elsewhere for factual, unbiased information as we cannot rely on the MSM to provide genuine, factual information.

The Canadian main stream media also conveniently avoids exposing other obvious gaffes and biases of the current government.  When basic individual freedoms are being undermined, including the freedom of expression and the freedom of speech, where is the self-righteous MSM?  After all, it is the essence of the ability of the press to speak freely that is supposed to protect us all from tyrants.  At least, that was once the case, before the MSM became propagandist puppets of the current government.

It is a huge story when an Islamic child reports (falsely) that she was attacked because of her religion and her garb.  It is a opportunity for a smug, globalist Trudeau to admonish and lecture Canadians on our ‘intolerance’ and our ‘Islamophobia’.

Where is the outrage and the ‘huge story’ from the MSM when it turns out that the story was false and that the timing of all concerned seems to indicate that Trudeau is far more interested in pushing an agenda rather than determining the truth?

Finally, let’s take the cesspool of politics into our own backyard in British Columbia.

Gregor Roberts is not running for re-election as mayor in Vancouver and his ‘Vision’ party is trying hard to keep all Freedom of Information requests from revealing his complicity into the explosive, unaffordable Vancouver real estate market that is denying affordable housing to many lower mainland residents.

The BC Liberal Party is fighting hard to keep its ‘love affair’ with pay for play corporate and Asian donors from exposing the graft and the corruption that plagued the Liberal government until its demise in 2016.

Foreign money laundering in casinos.  Ministers of state conveniently (?) shutting down oversight procedures and agencies.

Total and absolute misrepresentation to BC voters concerning the affairs of Crown Corporations such as ICBC.  Publicly reporting an $11 Million deficit in 2017 when the truth is closer to a Billion Dollars ($900,000,000 estimated).  The very real prospect of money laundering in ICBC claims as reported by Attorney General David Eby to the legislature.

‘Housing and trans-national money laundering’.  David Eby, Attorney General, BC.

Everywhere we look, the current political model is dirty, corrupt, unaccountable and lacking in transparency.

The main stream media is complicit through its silence and its tacit support of leftist, socialist policies that contribute to the inequities and abuses in our system.

There should be one law for all.  Plain and simple.

At what point is the common citizen, hoi polloi, going to become educated, involved, engaged and indignant enough to ‘fix what is broken’?

The US is a polarized society that is facing a huge constitutional challenge in 2018.

Canada is a rapidly polarizing society that is also facing a huge constitutional challenge in 2018 – but how many astute Canadians actually see it or even care, at this point?

It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to hold our government and its officials to a higher standard.  It is vital that we restore accountability, transparency and integrity into our system of government.

It is time to ‘write off’ the Main Stream Media for what they really are – apologists and propagandists for the leftist, socialist and globalist government currently in power.

It is time to get involved – in order that we can collectively work towards making a difference.

The direction and the future of our national identity is at stake as is the economic, societal and intellectual welfare of our children and future generations.

Will a new political movement arise from the prevailing chaos and emerge as a new standard to which we can all aspire?

Will more of us resort to non-traditional sources to share ideas, philosophies, and goals?  (If you don’t have a Twitter account, get one.  Instagram.  Periscope.)  Find out what is really happening without filters and MSM propagandized bias.

Will more of us devote time to expose the increasing corruption pandemic in our current political reality and to take personal responsibility by demanding meaningful, positive  change?

If so, please hurry.  Those of us with vision know that we are rapidly running out of time.

Its time to give a damn.


Was 2017 the ‘Tipping Point’?

Historians will look back on 2017 as a year of unprecedented political upheaval, intrigue and exposure.

Thankfully, the power of the Internet, including Twitter, has pulled the ideological teeth of the MSM (Main Stream Media) who can no longer exclusively control what hoi polloi, you and I, the average Canadians are able to see, hear and ultimately determine as factual reality.

If an individual is committed to seeking out the truth, the tools are in virtually all our hands.  Only lazy, misguided or uneducated individuals will continue to rely on the MSM as their only source of filtered information and distorted reality.

As I am writing this, Twitter is uploading literally hundreds of video feeds from Iran that clearly indicate that the spark of a revolution is underway in that totalitarian regime.  Alarmingly, the biased and polarized editorial boards of virtually all MSM opinion networks (I won’t even call them news networks anymore) are either not covering this momentous event or ‘hedging their bets’ by downplaying the breaking news since the MSM apparently doesn’t want to offend anyone – unless it is the political ‘small c’ conservative or republican.

That is truly the watershed story of 2017.  The Emperor Has No Clothes.  The Main Stream Media has exposed itself as largely a corrupt propagandist conglomerate of socialists and globalists who have an agenda to continue to modify and influence the mindsets of rationale, thinking individuals.

Thankfully, there are exceptions.  Even more thankfully, the ability of individuals to convey their own thoughts and opinions, including transparent, open, candid uncensored dialogue is available to anyone through tools and vehicles accessible to almost anyone with a cell phone, tablet or computer.  No high speed Internet?  No problem.  Find your way down to the nearest public library, coffee shop or Internet Hot Spot.

People of like mind can now find each other, offer opinions, rebut, rebuke, support, augment – or even ignore.  We now have choices never really previously available to us in a meaningful way.

The individual spearheading this vanguard of ‘direct’, not ‘fake’ news?  The infamous Donald Trump.

I watched a Fox News broadcast of Hannity just after Christmas as he replayed a collage of MSM broadcasts that dealt with the legitimate and legal election of President Trump in 2016.  Any rationale human being would have been alarmed at the vitriol, the condescension, the political bias being exhibited by individuals and networks that purport to be disseminators of news and factual coverage.  Instead, a steady procession of ‘frothing at the mouth’ commentators offered their incredibly biased and propagandized  opinions concerning how the US was about to implode.

It was embarrassing then.  It is embarrassing now.  It is even more alarming now as the polarization of the ‘Fake News’ leftist media becomes even more entrenched and dogmatic in their refusal to provide balanced news coverage.  Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, those selfsame MSM sources decried the blatant propagandized output from Pravda and government controlled news agencies behind the Iron Curtain.

It is now a reality that that same form of ideological propaganda has infiltrated into our Western Democracies through polarized Main Stream Media, controlled now by special interest groups and political parties who have somehow bought or hijacked what was once the only way that most individuals were able to see beyond the confines of our own backyards.

The Main Stream Media is now largely illegitimate – and it has de-legitimized itself. Perhaps Marshall McLuhan was prophetic but not in a desirable or acceptable way.

The Medium is the Message.  If the Medium is Corrupt, the Message is Corrupt.

Main Street Media.  CNN (at the top of the list).  CBC (top of the list in Canada).  MSNBC.  NBC.  CBS.  ABC.  CTV (in Canada).  Global (in Canada).  Even BBC and PBS have lost touch with their original mandate and purpose.

That purpose was (and is) to gather, distribute and publish news – factual news, not polarized opinions.

As a result, I will no longer be referring to you as MSM (Main Stream  Media).  Instead, let’s be honest.  You are actually MSO (Main Stream Opinions).

You are opinion networks, not news networks – and you have been opinion networks for a very long time.  It was a subtle and protracted abrogation of your Fourth Estate mandate and responsibility.  We should have caught on when you started to replace actual political participants with pollsters and/or individuals from special interest groups who provided opinions commentary instead of allowing us to assess facts and draw our own conclusions.  Somehow, the MSO networks fancied themselves globalists and ‘smarter than their audience’ and like a herd of trusting sheep, we acquiesced and declined the opportunity to demand accountability, transparency, balance and journalistic integrity.

We allowed radio and television talk shows to proliferate so we could become lazy and listen to, sometimes watch, for hours ad nauseum, the opinions of individuals who we fancied because they were ‘celebrities’ – and we were just ‘common folk’.  We allowed the anchors of major news networks to become ‘media stars’ in their own right – when in actuality they are merely ordinary people with ordinary intellects (to be overly charitable in many instances) who do nothing more than read from teleprompters and look or sound good on camera or microphone.

Bizarrely, we have watched as these ‘Heroes of their Editorial Board Ideologies’ have been paid literally millions of dollars per annum and have amassed huge staffs of sycophants to allow them to further their ego driven status.

What has happened to common sense?  Why has no one publicly considered the actual significance of this devolution into a 1984 style of media control and bias?

Just follow the money.  As usual, these high paid ‘actors’ are merely conveying the intended editorial board policy of boards of directors, CEO’s and their ilk who have committed to driving their agenda into the mainstream.  Often, by the same principle as Chinese Water Torture.

The MSO follows the theory that ‘if you say the same thing over and over again, enough times’, it will somehow become relevant and true – even if it is not.  It is propaganda in its purest, and most alarming, form.

I watch, with increasing horror, as Justin Trudeau, the incompetent self-serving Prime Minister of Canada conducts interview after interview denying that has has broken any ethical laws – even after he has been convicted by the Ethics Commissioner.  He truly believes (or his handlers believe) that by continuing to deny the truth, the truth will somehow metamorphosize into the Liberal Party bastardization of the truth.

I watch, again with horror, as the Democratic Party in the US continues to deny the mounting evidence that any collusion in the 2016 Presidential campaign involving the Russians actually involved the Democrats far more than the Republicans or President Trump.  I watch Democratic pundit after Democratic Senator after Democratic Congressman ‘stick to the talking points’ even as Congress is ready to serve the corrupt Department of Justice and the FBI with contempts of Congress citations for their obstinate refusal to comply with the oversight of duly elected representatives of the US people.

Somehow, the matter of Hillary Clinton deliberately flaunting laws concerning top secret confidentiality, deliberate destruction of thousands (33,000 more or less) emails that might potentially implicate her in further corruption, the multi-millions of dollars that flowed into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation from Russian and Middle East sources that are supposedly the enemies of the US together with the complicit support of ‘bad actors’ in the Deep State Department of Justice and FBI who exceeded their legal authority as well as their pledge of impartiality to further the Democratic Party interests has remained an opaque factual wall behind which the MSO is hiding.

In spite of the complicity of the Main Stream Opinion networks, slowly and inexorably, facts are being exposed thanks to the focused and determined efforts of groups such as the Judicial Watch who have routinely sued the US Department of Justice and the FBI in order to have incriminating evidence (albeit heavily redacted) exposed to the public.

Trump himself has left his mark by continuously exposing and ridiculing the ‘Fake News’ networks and the inconsistencies and the often totally incorrect coverages that persist, now into 2018.  Twitter has unfortunately become a necessary tool in the fight to maintain balanced coverage in the political sphere and it is a truism to note that the same form of special interest group bias has polarized social, economic, cultural and even intellectual matters.

Almost single handedly, Trump has taken on the Main Stream Opinionators and to their utter dismay, he is winning the media war hands down.   Why?  Because he is honest, open and transparent – and they are not.  Neither can the Main Stream Opinionators and their financial sources stomach the reality that Trump cannot be bought.  As a result, he cannot be controlled or unduly influenced by them.

I enjoy watching the immature pettiness and barely concealed rage as the Main Stream Opinionators hurl vitriol and partisan invectives at a duly elected President who really and truly doesn’t care what the MSO thinks.  Trump has turned the focus on an industry that lost its integrity, moral compass and impartiality decades past.  We hoi polloi have paid attention and now a majority of viewers and listeners do not trust the MSO networks.  Savvy, intelligent individuals are balancing news and opinions from different sources and perspectives.   And that is the way it should be. No single news source should be trusted implicitly.   All have biases and agendas.

It is up to the US Congress and Senate to restore the public confidence in the US system of government.  This is a public confidence that has been severely and rightly shaken as a result of some of the major stories and events in 2017 that the Main Stream Opinion networks have consistently and abjectly refused to make public.  The Main Stream Media is dying a deserved death.  The Main Stream Opinion networks will be confined to propaganda that appeals to their base while the rest of the common folk resort to the emerging tools of direct communication through the Internet to achieve the desired goal of timely, factual coverage of real news – not filtered and biased opinion.

Here, in Canada, I don’t know what we can do to fix the similar problem of ridiculously biased and sycophantic media coverage concerning the agendae of certain political parties, special interest groups and their disciples.

What I do know is that those of us with the necessary ideas, resources and political will must remain vigilant and counter the inaccuracies and deliberate distortions of the truth whenever, and wherever, we find them.

I don’t see any other way that we can continue to ‘hold the fort’ until the new generation of Millennials decides to take matters into their own hands and resolutely restore some semblance of balance and accountability into the Canadian model – or the US or European model, for that matter.

The deliberate and concerted efforts of many individuals will be required to purge a cancerous growth of media bias and unaccountability that has taken some Western societies to the brink of economic, political, cultural and intellectual disaster.

It now remains to be seen whether the events of 2017 will become the tipping point and allow us to start moving again in a direction where the sanctity of individual rights including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of expression are held to a higher standard.

There is an undeniable social contract that goes with the responsibility of maintaining our individual rights and the ideals of freedom from want and freedom from fear must also be considered as we move forward, in line with universal inalienable human values.

There are those who believe that we must also support ‘freedom from conflict’.

Individuals who support that totalitarian idea could not be more wrong.  Conflict, and the skills we have gained, as humankind, from managing conflict (albeit poorly at times) has moved us forward into civilization – and a working relationship with the world in which we all dwell, for our ‘three score and ten’.

The secret is in how we acknowledge conflict going forward, managing and using conflict as a means to make our world better for future generations.

Will the Main Stream Opinion networks come on board in 2018, learning the lesson that their dropping ratings, popularity and influence is a direct result of their polarizing bias or will we merely see more of the same?

Only time will tell but we are all fortunate that alternatives are now available to disseminate, discuss and debate the truth.  The Internet has an immense power to ensure integrity, accountability and transparency.  The Internet also has the ability to pervert and distort- just as the Main Stream Media (Opinionists) have perverted and distorted.

For those of you who are not yet regular subscribers to Twitter, give it a close look.  Twitter is as close to instant unbiased, unfiltered reality as most of us are going to get.

We cannot allow Twitter to become propagandized and special interest group driven the same way that the MSO (Main Stream Opinion) networks have become politicized.

Fortunately, if Twitter ever does become blatantly politicized, someone will just have to roll up his or her sleeves and develop a new (and better) Twitter equivalent.

The truth will out.

That’s just how we hoi polloi want it to be.

Happy New Year and may you have good memories of 2017.


Democracy under attack – Undeclared Civil War

There is no doubt that the Western world model of democracy is under attack.  There is absolutely no doubt that this is a result of collusion.  What is most alarming is that the collusion is not because of the Russians – although I am almost certain that Putin is a willing, accomplished participant.

Alarmingly, the threat to the ideals of democracy has come with the deliberate, intentional collusion of the very offices and institutions that were established to prevent the flagrant abuses that have now descended, like a biblical plague, upon our current political landscape.

Political parties have substituted expedience, the lust for power and the thirst for personal financial gain to replace the original ideals of integrity, transparency and accountability.

Instead of  humbly donning the mantle of stewardship and acting as ‘trustees’ for the common good, politicians (and bureaucrats) see politics as their personal path to power and fortune – power leading to personal gain.

The political institutions established to maintain and preserve such lofty ideals as ‘all equal in the eyes of the law’, ‘justice is blind’ and the revered freedoms of speech, assembly, religion and expression have been corrupted to the point that such institutions having become willing accomplices and participants in preventing justice and the harsh glare of fact-based truth.

We see the abuses on both sides of the border.  Canadian finance minister Morneau sees no need to divorce his lucrative (and continuing) business dealings with government agencies from his ministerial responsibilities and obligations.  He has made a mockery of the concept of arms-length disassociation and flaunts conflict of interest rules in front of our collective faces.

His (our) naive and equally entitled caricature of a Prime Minister occupies his time with selfies, endless vacations, his own unethical bumblings as well as a complete disregard for the importance of sustainability and continuance of  common goals and values we geographically and economically share with our neighbours south of the 49th parallel.

Canada is on the precipice of selling another of our home-grown, highly respected and capable corporations (Aecon Group Inc.) to foreign interests (Chinese) who have just consolidated an unhealthy level of power in an individual determined to make China the world’s dominant economy.

Intrinsic ‘Canadian’ values are being subverted by ‘global’ values designed to weaken the strong – and strengthen the economic, religious, cultural and political ties to special interest groups and foreign actors.  The descent into a homogenous stew of mediocrity has been significantly influenced by a corrupt United Nations that is increasingly pursuing self-interest for top officials and promoting a growing religious and cultural bias that will undermine the foundation of Western democracy.

The mantra of the federal Libs is playing favourably with the politically left media including an ‘out of control’ immigration policy that allows illegal alien border crossers to jump the cue and increase the perception, now the reality, that Canada is a ‘sanctuary country’ for any number of bad actors who may not ultimately have the best interest of Canada at heart.  Judges are allowing unconscionable  attacks on Islamic women from their husbands because of a tolerance for Sharia law inspired male dominance and control.  Judges have, in many cases, become complicit accomplices for any number of special interest group activities and non-traditional values when viewed in the Canadian context.  They are, in short, not enforcing Canadian law.

Where is the vaunted Fourth Estate in all of this?  The mainstream media have become willing and focused participants in the continuing erosion of Canadian values and our proud history.  I am not certain that a single ‘news‘ network even exists anymore.  Instead, we have ‘opinion‘ networks that measure their individual and collective success not by journalistic integrity and a commitment to accuracy and fact but by the metrics of ratings and pollster driven so-called public opinion.

The silent majority has become far too silent – to the detriment of all.  There is a need for balance, for open debate and free expression of thought and opinion but those values and principles have not been maintained or encouraged.  In fact, balanced, intelligent and informed debate has been essentially discouraged and subjected to inflammatory, accusatory rhetoric denouncing any deviance from ‘the new normal’.

History is being re-written as currently unpopular reminders of past indiscretions are removed from civic parks and monuments are destroyed in the irrational name of ‘political correctness’.  Future generations need to know, as General Kelly alluded, that “There are certain things in history that were not so good, and other things that were good”.

The Spanish philosopher George Santayana expressed it best “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

That is the danger when a society refuses to acknowledge and accept it’s past.

When did misinformed public opinion become more important than facts?  We fall all over ourselves wanting to be ‘politically correct’.  How many people actually take the time to make their own investigations so that they can draw their own conclusions – based on evidence and fact-based corroboration?  Very few, in my opinion.  Far easier for lazy individuals to turn on the news, read Twitter feeds from the narrow interest group they support or participate in countless opinionated discussions on Facebook – that have no basis in factual evidence.

No matter how I look at the situation, one indisputable fact stares me in the face.  We, each and every one of us, are responsible for this unraveling destruction of the principles of democracy that will certainly degrade the opportunities and success of future generations.  We have collectively become lazy accomplices by allowing well-funded politically driven special interest groups to further their self-serving agendas without questioning their motives and intent.  Or even questioning their distorted lies.

Nowhere is the schism between reality and political dogma more evident than  in the US, where the growing divide between political factions is in the process of destroying America – and all that it once stood for.

The polarization of the American population is more dramatic and pronounced now than probably at any time in the history of the United States since the (first) Civil War.  The absolute refusal of Democrats to accept the lawful election of Trump is only one inescapable fact that will continue to see the US decline while other more focused countries further their own interests and agendas.  I would argue that a second Civil War is now raging in the US and we have just not yet labeled it as such.

Congress and the Senate are in gridlock, each party determined to maintain its own vision of America – while watching American history and values crumble beneath their collective feet.

The truth is no longer a beacon of hope for the US.  Why?  Because every day the same truth is revealed – then distorted and corrupted by individuals and by political parties who are determined to win power at any cost – including sacrificing truth itself.

The same set of facts are presented daily and then distorted and twisted into politicized rhetoric that is intended to confuse and misdirect a gullible and indoctrinated public.  For many years, even decades, it has been known and accepted that both Democrats and Republicans have their own armies, legions of devoted and pliable sycophants and supplicants who will support their own parties, no matter the discretions, even crimes, committed by those parties.

It has always been the responsibility of rational, open-minded voters with integrity and consciences who determine the eventual outcome of elections and thus, policy and vision for the US.

These were the ‘swing’ votes that would ultimately determine elections and the direction of the US government.  At least, that was the case until the last few decades.

Now, those sober, second-thought voices and votes have essentially been silenced by insiders who are determined to affect outcomes and results without any regard for the Constitution of the US or the very core values on which America was founded.

Events of the past few weeks prove that the ‘swamp’ to which President Trump constantly refers is real – and the greatest threat of all to democracy and the American Dream.  When the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee Darren Nunes publicly states that the employees of the Justice Department, the FBI and other paid employees of departments sworn to uphold the Constitution are not co-operating with duly elected officials, requiring the issuance of subpoenas in order to have critical, essential information provided, the system is broken.  Seriously broken.  Alarmingly broken.

Even Jeff Sessions, the current Attorney General, is not beyond reproach.  In fact, Sessions’ naivety and Pollyanna-ish ‘hope’ that recusing himself from the ‘Russia’ probe would allow justice to prevail shows that Sessions himself is incapable of seeing the corruption and the chaos that surrounds him.

Jeff Sessions cannot remain the Attorney General for the US.  He abrogated his responsibilities and his duties by allowing his underling to create a Special Counsel investigation into Russian meddling that will tear the US apart – politically speaking.  Not many individuals recall the damage that McCarthyism caused for the US.  I am predicting that the ongoing investigation by Robert Mueller and his handpicked team will come within an eyelash of destroying the American political system, similar to the irrational ‘Commy seeking’ hysteria of Senator McCarthy and his cronies in the 1950’s.

Even now, the limited indictments of October 30, 2017 have created totally divergent assessments of exactly the same set of facts.  This dichotomy exists both within the Republican and Democratic parties as well as the within the propagandist media outlets that invariably support them – without any respect for facts and balance.  Trump’s team is both vindicated and convicted – all at the same time.  It seems that only rationale, somewhat objective outsiders can see this anomaly for what it is.

The powers of the Mueller Special Counsel will allow the many indiscretions of the Obama era, specifically the Uranium One corrupt deal and the politically driven unconstitutional unmasking of untold numbers of Americans to remain as background issues while the attention is diverted to Russia’s meddling in the US election results.  Where is the voice of reason in this debate?  Of course Russia meddles in the US election process for its own personal gain – in exactly the same way that the US meddles in the election process of any number of foreign nations, on an ongoing basis.

This fact is not new.  This fact is not news.  This fact has been a political reality since the creation of nations, each seeking to further its own goals and objectives.  The left wing media darling Barack Obama has been publicly recorded telling Russian officials that he will do more for Russia – after his 2012 re-election.  “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility”.  

This factual conversation took place March 26, 2012 in Seoul, South Korea in a meeting between Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev accidentally recorded by a nearby journalist.

Democrats work closely with Russia – all of the time.  This is a political reality.  Hillary Clinton’s campaign went, albeit circuitously, to Russian sources to try and alter the outcome of the 2016 US election.  Meddling is commonplace in the Washington DC swamp – and is accepted as long as you don’t get caught.

John Brennan, director of the CIA under Obama lied to the US Senate Intelligence Committee concerning spying on that very committee.

“Let me assure you the CIA was in no way spying on [the committee] or the Senate”.  March, 2014 testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The result of that lie once the truth was revealed by the CIA Inspector General?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  There is no accountability in the swamp.

What are rationale, intelligent people thinking about this blatant political corruption and the seemingly total lack of accountability?  In many respects, not much.  The Dow Jones continues to climb in 2017 as faith and belief in the economic engine that drives America remains at an all time high.  Middle America, the quiet, ‘stay focused on what really matters’ America goes about its business while the increasingly corrupt politicians and media in Washington DC go about their own ‘dirty’ business.  Spin doctors continue to spin out half-truths, innuendos and even outright lies while the business of the nation continues.  Democrats will continue to believe other Democrats – and only other Democrats.  As will Republicans.

The sanctity of the truth in America is now an illusion –  a distant reminder of a simpler, ethical and accountable time in which politicians were respected for their integrity and their sense of duty to the individuals who elected them; even the individuals who did not vote for them.

Those times are almost all gone and America is the worse for it.

Will Teflon coated ‘Crooked Hillary’ and her cronies ever have to face the music for the growing evidence of indiscretions, possibly illegal behaviour, that has enriched the Clintons at the expense of all other Americans?

Will the Uranium One Congressional and Senate probe ever take place and will the public ever know the actual findings?  What rationale, intelligent individuals can hardly fathom is how the US could sell almost 20% of its uranium output to a Russian firm that was itself under investigation by the CIA and FBI at the time for corruption, bribery and other criminal, indictable offences.  How the Clinton Foundation was the benefactor of almost $145 million US at the same time from those same Russian operatives remains a ‘coincidence’ to those who choose to ‘see no evil’ as does the ‘coincidence’ of Bill Clinton meeting with Putin in that same time frame, thereafter receiving $500 thousand to ‘give a speech’.

Will Donald Trump ever escape the apparent fabricated politically driven accusation of Russian meddling in the US elections that seems nothing but an attempt by the left wing globalists to deny the fact that the ‘quiet majority’ of Americans want meaningful change to the institutions and practices of the US Federal government?

Will Robert Mueller, his associates James Comey and Rod Rosenstein themselves ever be held accountable for their complicity in the Uranium One affair and their meddling into the integrity of the American political process?

Will the dysfunctionality of the US Senate and the US Congress ever again allow for meaningful bi-partisan debate and accord on issues important to each and every American – and by extension, other countries that purport to value the principles of true democracy?

Not unless and until those with integrity and resolve step forward and demand that the US political system return to genuine accountability and respect for its own Constitution and core values.

Do I think that a return to accountable, honest and transparent government is possible in the US, or in Canada?

Is it possible to reverse the polarization of factions that are currently driven almost exclusively by their lust for power and the wealth that inevitably follows?

Not unless and until individual citizens accept the responsibility that we, collectively, have unwittingly created this quagmire of deceit, corruption and self-serving entitlement by allowing it to thrive, unchecked.

We, collectively, are the only ones who can fix what is broken – by holding the politically guilty accountable for their political crimes.

The laws and statutes are there for all to know and obey.  There can no longer be one law for the average citizen and a different standard for those who gain political favour.

Justice is blind and the very existence of the democratic political model depends on the universal application of law – so that justice is done and can be seen to be done.





West Kelowna By Election Litmus Test for Many

Early in 2018 (at the latest), John Horgan and the governing NDP must announce a by election to fill the seat left vacant by the departing Christy Clark (don’t let the door hit you on the derriere on your way out).  Clark decided that sitting as an elected opposition MLA wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun (or profitable) as reigning as Premier with it’s perquisites associated – including four (and five) figure fundraisers, a BC Lib funded ‘top up’ to augment her meager taxpayer funded salary and the prestige of having all ‘pay for access’ requests coming through her esteemed office.

Since Clark’s official retirement date of August 4, 2017, the vultures have started to circle high above the pristine hills and lakes surrounding Kelowna and area.  The riding was newly created in time for the 2009 provincial election and has been consistently ‘Liberal’ ever since – so secure a riding for the Liberals, in fact, that Christy Clark (loser in her own Vancouver-Point Grey riding in 2013, for those who choose to remember) was parachuted into West Kelowna to allow Clark to retain a seat in the legislature.  (Somewhat awkward to have a Liberal Party leader unable to act as Premier because she was defeated as a candidate).

The incumbent and re-elected Liberal MLA Ben Stewart graciously gave up his seat on the Liberal Gravy Train to Ms. Clark so that she could continue her quest to maintain her status quo as one of the most entitled (and well-funded) provincial Premiers in Canadian history.

Before you feel too sorry for the founder of the Quail’s Gate Winery, Ben Stewart was generously rewarded for his ‘supreme sacrifice’.  Stewart was appointed a ‘special representative’ for the BC Liberals (under their mantle as the BC Government) in Asian markets – as Stewart’s consolation prize.

Stewart’s salary and benefits from the appointment more than fairly compensated him for the loss of his MLA salary.  The analysis?

(Financial advisor Andrew)”Johns dug into the costs of Stewart’s post and released a report in February.

He found that on top of the $150,000 salary, Stewart’s pension, living expenses and other benefits pushed the total employment costs to $342,900, before business expenses and money spent wining and dining people. That’s roughly $1 million over three years, he notes.

There is not enough to show for the money, he says.

“If you read through Ben Stewart’s reports, all it is is a series of meetings and glad-handing,” Johns told The Tyee. “In 2015/16 he participated in 13 trade events, he gave 19 speeches. What you don’t find in there is any correlation to a contract of any type where goods and services are being exchanged because Ben Stewart was involved.”

Johns said his review of the records found the cost of contract staff had gone from $1.2 million in the 2012 fiscal year to $2.9 million last year. The office has cost $8.4 million over the last three years, Johns found”.  Jeremy J. Nuttall 28 Apr 2017 |

Not a bad reward for giving up a seat in the legislature – to my way of thinking.

By the way, how successful was the venture into the Asian markets and how has BC benefitted from the experience?

Not so much.  Stewart resigned from the job in December, 2016 and the position has never been filled by another ‘representative’.  Uh huh.  This in spite of the fact that the Liberals claimed that the position was practically ‘critical’ in its importance.

We need a representative in Asia who is known to have access to power and government here in British Columbia,” Clark said during an October 2013 press conference. “That is a critical part of doing business in Asia.”

Stewart’s job was to move on trade and investment leads generated by the government’s trade missions, she said.

The province needed “to have a high level official representative on the ground in Asia, who has the authority to influence and advance trade and investment priorities,” read a news release. Stewart would have a particular focus on LNG, the government said.  In hindsight, we all know how the LNG thing has turned out.

And the net success of Mr. Stewart’s part-time presence in Asia?

“Trade figures don’t show success

Trade statistics also cast doubt on the effectiveness of the government’s efforts in Asia, according to an economics professor.

Keith Head of the UBC Sauder School of Business specializes in Asian business. He said that over the last few years, despite Stewart’s presence and trade missions, British Columbia’s trade with China has appeared to flatline”.  Jeremy J. Nuttall 28 Apr 2017 |  It appears that speculative real estate investment into the lower mainland (which has driven housing costs beyond the means of most salary earners and wage earners) was the ‘big winner’ in the Chinese investment strategy – and financially strapped renters and potential ‘home grown’ home owners of BC have become the ‘big losers’.

Let’s roll forward to late 2017.

Mr. Ben Stewart has been re-nominated by the BC Liberal Party to represent them in the upcoming 2018 by election in West Kelowna.

We are to supposed to believe that Mr. Stewart’s dalliance into the Asian markets at a taxpayer expense of $8.4 Million over the course of the past 3 years was not a pay off for offering his ‘safe’ political seat to the departed Christy Clark, herself previously defeated in her home riding of Vancouver – Point Grey.

It is wonderful that Mr. Stewart has offered his services again to the voters of West Kelowna.  For Mr. Stewart, it is even more wonderful that he was so handsomely rewarded for his ‘supreme sacrifice’.  I trust that the voters in West Kelowna will delve more deeply into this somewhat suspicious, and apparently tax-wasting, trumped up Liberal appointed position which, let us not forget, has never been filled since the departure of Mr. Stewart from the Asian trade representative role.

Even if the re-emergence of Ben Stewart is a visible reminder of the alleged ‘corruption’ and ‘pay for access’ charges that plague the BC Liberals even now, just what options are available to the West Kelowna voter?

All political parties are mustering their troops for a run at the vacated MLA seat, with hopes that the departure of Christy Clark from the political landscape will result in a new opportunity for their chosen horse in the race.

Our next article will closely examine the alternatives available to the West Kelowna constituents – and perhaps alternatives that may soon become viable options.

In the interim, the West Kelowna voter should be considering whether the machinations of the BC Liberal Party in this curious affair are worthy of the re-election of Mr. Ben Stewart – by most reports, a very worthy candidate and quite possibly a good MLA while he served between 2009 and 2013.

My dilemma, if I was actually able to vote in the upcoming by election, would be ‘Can I return to office the BC Liberal (Ben Stewart) who clearly personally benefitted to a considerable degree from his unswerving loyalty to the BC Liberal ‘Wild West’ machine throughout this apparently manipulated and unjustifiable ‘Asian representative’ scheme?’  

Was Ben Stewart properly accountable to the West Kelowna voters when he relinquished his legitimately contested (and won) seat in 2013 so that Christy Clark could make a mockery of the political process after losing in her own riding of Vancouver-Point Grey?

I have my thoughts – but this is a democracy.  Only the voters in the constituency of West Kelowna will be able to determine the final outcome and consequence to Mr. Stewart’s 2013 decisions.

And that is as it should be.

The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But … ?

Separating propaganda from journalism is becoming increasingly difficult.  Not because we (hoi polloi), the common folk, don’t want to know the truth and factual information, but because getting ‘unfiltered’ honest untainted information is becoming increasingly difficult.

Daily, incessantly, we see bias of commentators on all sides of the political, social, economic and cultural debate who have become so entrenched in their ideology (the dogma that they have chosen to embrace) that any semblance of rational, objective thought and expression has become a distant memory for most of them.  If ever they were concerned with ‘journalistic integrity’.

I want to know the facts.  Not just the facts you want me to hear.  Not just the facts (or near facts) that support your own narrow perspective and belief system.  Not only the facts (or edited facts) that are supported by your agenda, the agenda of those who pay for your services or the agenda of those who are attempting to socially engineer our collective belief system and focus.

I have a keen and ravenous mind.  I thirst and hunger for information, for facts, for truth – for relevance.  I don’t think that I differ all that much from most folks.  I embrace the challenge and the opportunity to make my own decisions – based on factual information that I can process, assess and ultimately utilize to make informed, intelligent decisions.

Sounds pretty fundamental, doesn’t it?

Trouble is, over the past number of years, my ability (and yours) to obtain that factual information is becoming less accessible.  There are a number of reasons why the Marshall McLuhan ‘The Medium is the Message’ paradox has distorted and perverted our perception of reality.

I’ll use the Wikipedia definition.  ‘a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in any message it would transmit or convey, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.’

An example.  Statistics indicate that individuals are becoming increasingly distrustful of the information being provided by television, radio, newspaper and other ‘conventional’ news sources.

So how does the ‘conventional’ Fourth Estate combat that embarrassing fact?  By embedding even more propaganda in their delivery system.  I cite the recent television ads from a major Canadian network wherein the lovely news anchor looks sincerely into the camera and articulates that ‘integrity’ is the stock in trade of their network.  Sincerely spoken – but utter nonsense.  There is growing realization that the writers, editors, directors and producers of ‘news’ programs are adhering to an agenda, a philosophy –  a social engineering belief system.

There is no balance – and without balance, there can be no validation of the truth.  If I don’t get to hear divergent points of view and perspective, how can I guarantee that I am hearing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Fortunately, we have the means to get the facts.  The problem is most people are intrinsically lazy.  We would rather have someone tell us what we want to hear rather than going through all of the hard work to investigate and establish the facts (and the truth) for ourselves.

Unfortunately, as a result, we rely far too heavily on others to do the ‘heavy lifting’ for us.

The worst offending propagandists are those who refuse to enter into a fair and balanced discussion.  My question is why?

If you are sincere in your belief that your point of view or that your opinion is the correct one, you should be willing to defend it.  Vigourously.  Enthusiastically.  Forcefully.  With conviction.

If you do not choose to do so, why should I take you – and your point of view, seriously?

Anyone who chooses to ignore another point of view – or chooses to falsely pretend to embrace discussion and input while dismissing it outright – is a propagandist.  Simply put.  Put up or shut up.

Perhaps we should look up the definition of a ‘sycophant’.  Wikipedia again has perhaps the best two word definition, an ‘insincere flatterer‘.  In essence, a sycophant ‘flatters’ an idea, an individual or a political, economic, social or cultural idea without casting any light on its imperfections, its shortcomings or its alternatives.  In short, it is an obvious unbalanced, self-serving approach to the dissemination of information.

I consider it rather creepy.  Also kind of sad.

So why this long diatribe concerning ‘truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Because some people pretend to be ‘fair and balanced’ when there is no question that they are anything but.  And if we don’t call them on it, who will?

I cite the example of an individual who has committed, in writing, to me and to others that he publishes all comments that are uploaded to his (mostly political) blogsite.  Some opinions will invariably differ from his own.

Unfortunately, in spite of that apparently disingenuous lofty claim, he has now, on multiple occasions, either overtly or covertly refused to post comments to his blogs.

I am pleased to advise that the gentleman in question has ultimately approved my comments – and hopefully will continue to do so if he invites meaningful, balanced discussion and debate.   Did he do so gracefully?   Not particularly – challenging me on another Twitter rant intended on deflecting the true nature of the factual information I have outlined.  His choice, not mine.  I can keep this up all day!  😉

Do I really care?  Yes – and no.  I don’t agree with this individual on many issues – and there is no harm in that.

There is harm in saying one thing – then doing another.  I am going to call you on it every time.  That is the responsibility of each and every one of us.  If you are going to claim that something is the truth – then be prepared to take criticism if turns out to be false.  That is our individual, and our collective, responsibility.  To expose falsehoods wherever and whenever they exist.  Whether intended or otherwise.  One of the things that would keep politicians honest, if we held their feet to the fire on every issue.

We, as a society, have abrogated our responsibility to ensure that those who would seek to direct us do not deceive us.

The political swamp needs to be drained.  Accountability, transparency and integrity must be restored.  An avalanche of political change may depend on that one last small pebble to tip the balance.

I am resolved to do my part.  So here, Alan, is the comment that you have refused to post (another comment has been uploaded since mine was provided so I know that you have the ability – if not the political will).

‘Words are cheap, Alan.  If the BCCP thinks it can put all of its problems behind it by changing its name, it is naive in the extreme.  If the BCCP thinks that making its constitution even more punitive – censoring members and requiring a $1,000 payment to file a formal complaint against legitimate concerns for unethical and unconstitutional practices, it is as corrupt as the BC Libs, perhaps even more so.
You speak brave ‘Pollyanna’ words but I have spoken to defenders of constitutional issues, including John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.  Any political party that seeks to suppress the rights of members to participate fully and freely in shaping policy and direction by punitive draconian measures is exclusive – not inclusive and it is an abomination.
Thousands of members have abandoned the BCCP – because a small self-serving group abandoned those members.  Your words will be cheap rhetoric falling on deaf ears if the BCCP passes another even more restrictive set of constitutional amendments that further alienates the BCCP from its diminishing membership base.
That, Alan, is the litmus test.  If the BCCP changes its name, if it allows a myriad of constitutional changes with a reduced percentage of members required to ratify such changes – and if it does not recognize that the members – not the directors’ self-serving interests, are the strength and future of the BCCP, then the BCCP deserves to be treated with the same cynical disdain and distrust as the BC Liberals and all other parties who preach one thing and practice another.
The BCCP does not have the trust of the BC voter.  An indisputable fact.  Less than half of one percent popular support after the May election.
Trust must be earned – through supportable policies and through a transparent and inclusive process that actually practices accountability (one that does not requiring a $1,000 payment to address unethical and unconstitutional practices).
At the moment, the BCCP constitution only requires that a BCCP leader maintain 40% support from membership.  Think hard on that.  Even if the BCCP had a leader (it doesn’t), that leader doesn’t even require a majority of member support.  And you want to call this a progressive democratic entity?
Give your collective heads a shake.
Tired, old empty words from tired, old dogmatic political wannabes will not change the fate of the BCCP.
You are correct in observing that an infusion of younger, progressive ‘attuned’ individuals is what the BCCP requires – if it has any hope whatsoever in becoming anything other than a fading fringe political dinosaur.
If the BCCP re-elects the same self-serving directors this weekend who have driven the party into the ground, that bright future of which you speak will be another empty bucket of lies and deception.
If the BCCP membership allows another ill-advised set of constitutional amendments to pass which even further throttles the ability of members to speak out and contribute as individuals (even through dissenting points of view), then the BCCP deserves to be relegated to the scrap heap.
Like it or not, the BCCP has become irrelevant.  The results of the BCCP were not even followed on air  by radio and television during the May, 2017 election.
If you want the ‘Great Pretenders’ to become the ‘Great Contenders’, then a Great Paradigm Shift is necessary for the BCCP.
Own your name – don’t change it.  Articulate and define what you stand for.  Create a constitution that protects individual freedoms (including the right to freedom of speech and freedom of opinion) instead of suppressing independent thought and action – as the new constitutional changes will inevitably cause.  Restore true democracy to the BCCP.  Don’t pass a slate of officers and directors ‘recommended’ by a nominating committee.  That is what the People’s Republic of China totalitarian leaders do to ensure the Communist Party always prevails – unopposed.
Require accountability from the directors.  Require accountability from the Leader (if ever you find one willing to lead this dysfunctional fading political entity).  That means requiring a strong majority of support from within – not a 40% minority.
Face the facts.  This is a broken – and failed, political party.  You (on the inside) are pretty much the only people who care.  The platform from the May 2017 election was a miserable joke not even worthy of legitimate political contenders.
Does the BCCP have an opportunity to become relevant?   Of course.  
Will the BCCP become relevant after this weekend?   I have my doubts – but there is always a possibility.
I know the BCCP will not become relevant to any other than its loyal sycophants if it ‘stays the course’.  If any of the BCCP insiders who have driven the party into the ground get re-elected, there is no hope.
If the unwise and draconian constitutional changes are ratified by a small number of people sitting in a small room, there is no hope.
Alan, you have confirmed to me (and others) that you post ‘all comments’ on your blog, even though we appear to have evidence to the contrary.
You will understand why I am making a copy of this discussion (to post elsewhere), just in case.’

Now, there is still time for the aforesaid individual to update his blog and post the above comment.  The question is, will he do this in time for informed discussion on these, and other issues, before the scheduled AGM set to take place in Langley this Saturday?

Even more importantly, will the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability even enter into the discussion – or should we cynically be discounting all posts from this individual as self-serving propaganda?

Not really up to me to decide – on behalf of other folks.  For myself, I have my personal opinions – and I’m not afraid to share them.

For the record, I have no personal animosity whatsoever toward the individual to which this comment was posted.  In fact, to my knowledge, I have never met the gentleman.  My sole objection is a claim that may prove disingenuous.  He is simply just another example of political enthusiasm gone awry.  Just don’t say one thing – and do another.

And yes,  Alan, as previously indicated to you, I am fully prepared to debate the foregoing points with you, and others – now or at any time in the future.  

Publicly.  With full transparency.  With full disclosure.

I believe that the members of the BC Conservative Party who will be meeting in Langley, BC this weekend should have another perspective on recent events – so that they can make an intelligent, informed decision – with as much disclosure and transparency as is possible.

If those paid party members choose to continue with the status quo, in spite of its recent obvious failures, that is a decision that they alone can make.

Do not abrogate your democratic responsibilities by ignoring issues and challenges that must be faced if the BCCP ever has any hope of becoming a viable, meaningful alternative for BC voters.  At the moment I, for one, would not be giving the BCCP any keys to the BC legislature.  The party (whatever its name may be after this weekend) hasn’t earned that privilege – or the trust of the voters.

Glen Walushka, BA, AICB,,




Darryl Plecas, BC Speaker: Who Defines Integrity?

Kudos to Darryl Plecas, newly appointed Speaker of the BC Legislature, for being a man of courage, conviction – and possibly, of high integrity.  Only Mr. Plecas’ constituents should be allowed to decide the latter.

BC Liberals (no one’s definition of paragons of integrity) released a statement saying “Constituents must be able to trust their elected representatives,” it said. “Party members must be able to trust those who hold positions of leadership in the party. And members of the legislature must be able to trust one another.”

As usual, the BC ‘Party of Entitlement’ (and the Party coming under increasing scrutiny for questionable ethical practices and self-serving greed at taxpayer’s expense) has told only part of the story.

Constituents must be able to trust their elected representatives.  Complete agreement.  Full stop.  End of story.

The matter of ‘Party members must be able to trust those who hold positions of leadership in the party. And members of the legislature must be able to trust one another.’ is another matter entirely.  Idealistic, but definitely not based in fact.

The BC Liberals have just exposed the fatal flaw in the myth that it is ‘the Party’ that constituents and voters elect to the legislature.  It has long been the contention of many that the voters in any constituency vote for a ‘trustee’ or steward to represent first and foremost the constituency’s best interests in the legislature.  The political party affiliation is an overlay that helps voters determine the predisposition of the elected representative when pursuing policies and creating legislation in accordance with values and stated intentions.

It is the totalitarian nature of political parties to attempt to wrest control of the elected representative from the electors and to try to replace the voter’s best interests with the self-serving interests of the political party – and that party’s benefactors.

Caucus is the formal vehicle for that process.  Party whips (thugs and bullies) are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring a legislator’s loyalty is firstly to the Party.  Free votes and allowing party members to ‘vote their conscience’ have almost become a novelty – exceptions rather than the norm.   Party loyalty is professed by political party elites to supersede loyalty to the very voter who elects the MLA.

This utter nonsense  has been exposed by a courageous and intelligent Darryl Plecas who recognized that the business of governing BC, of debating and enacting legislation and of serving the people of BC was far more important than party loyalty.

The whiners and thugs within established political party structures are unsurprisingly critical of Mr. Plecas’s decision.  Self-declared ‘leaders’ of political parties rarely allow MLA’s to exercise self-determination and independent thought.  Extreme internal pressure is exerted to show ‘solidarity’ and the best interests of voters are often put on the back burner in order to further the Party’s bias and doctrine.

Recently, Mr. Plecas was the only Liberal MLA who dared to speak the truth concerning the status of departed ex-Premier Christy Clark.  Intelligent people of all political persuasions knew it was virtually impossible for Clark to claim the myth of ‘universal and total’ caucus support within the BC Liberal Party.  Only Darryl Plecas had the integrity and courage to expose that obvious lie.  Other Liberal MLA’s should be ashamed of themselves for putting the self-serving interests of the BC Libs before the truth.

It is no wonder that public opinion concerning integrity and honour of elected politicians continues to diminish in the eyes of astute, increasingly cynical voters.

I have little doubt that Mr. Plecas was subject to immense pressure from the self-serving BC Liberal elite before his monumental decision to seek the Speaker’s important role in the BC legislature.

Now, Mr. Plecas has been ostracized by the Liberals, shunned and ‘thrown out’ of caucus.  The silver lining? Mr. Plecas will now serve his constituents as an independent, rather than as a Liberal.

Do I think that Mr. Plecas did the right thing according to the voters who elected him?   The fact is that Mr. Plecas must have that conversation with those voters, himself.   It is not for me to judge.  It is only marginally more appropriate for the Liberal Caucus to judge.

The ‘Swamp must be drained’.   The absolute power and control of established political parties must be broken.   Power (and the thirst for power) corrupts.   Corruption within political parties grows at an alarming rate.

Is there a way to restore integrity and accountability within the existing political status quo?


Elect legislators whose loyalty and accountability is first, and foremost, to the voters who elect them.

Elect legislators whose loyalty and accountability is second to their own consciences and personal code of ethics.

Elect legislators whose loyalty and accountability is lastly to their political parties.

Darryl Plecas is now an independent MLA, accountable first to his voters and second, to his conscience.

That is the way it should be.   BC Liberal Party be damned.

Congratulations to Darryl Plecas, MLA, for putting his constituents and his conscience ahead of the self-serving interests of the BC Liberal Party.

The challenge? 

To find other MLA’s with the courage, conviction and personal integrity to do the same.






Time for Elections BC to investigate BCCP is long past due. Full stop.

A political blogger residing in Kamloops recently published a new article on his site ‘acuriouslookatpoliticsinbc’, associated with the website.  In his article, dated August 13, 2017, the author was highly critical (and justifiably so) of the recent antics of the BC Liberal Party and the NDP.  The author describes the two referenced parties as ‘hypocrites’ and also wants to tout his new Twitter Hash Tag ‘#NoMoreBS4BC‘.

I’m all for exposing hypocrisy and I believe strongly that the campaign for a ‘BS Free BC’ is a worthwhile goal.  My problem is – the author of this piece was reluctant to find any reason to find any similar grounds for criticizing his new (old) political home, the BC Conservative Party, for the same kind of hypocrisy and unethical behaviour that he was fervently attributing to just the BC Liberals and the NDP.

I’m going to make up for his ‘oversight’ and provide some interesting thoughts concerning the recent proposed changes and amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the BC Conservative Party, including a blockbuster change that should be ringing alarm bells throughout the BCCP Party membership – and all the way to the offices of Elections BC.

Based on many of the known facts concerning the BCCP as well as a number of unproven allegations made by former Directors and members of the BCCP, there are numerous decisions and events that could easily be described as ‘unethical’, ‘unconstitutional, in accordance with the BCCP’s own poorly conceived and draconian constitution’ and possibly even borderline illegal – if some of the allegations of fraudulent practices can be verified.

Am I waxing rhetorical – or are there factual references to back up my claim?  Where should I begin?  Perhaps with the reportedly unsettled lawsuit filed in BC Court of Queen’s Bench after the 2014 leadership campaign based on ‘smear letters’ that were distributed to voting members of the BCCP?

Perhaps with the current petition still circulating on the internet calling for the removal of the current President of the BCCP?

Perhaps with the confirmation that the current President of the BCCP actually joined another provincial political party in BC in 2016 (after he became President of the BCCP) , in direct contravention of the BCCP’s own constitution and bylaws?

Perhaps with the actual events concerning why the BCCP went into the 2017 general election without a Leader – after a series of events, accusations and denials that led to the Board lamely suggesting that the ‘official leadership race in 2016’ was voided due to ‘technicalities’ that have been vigorously and strongly challenged by certain party members?  All I know is that common sense would tell you that the position should have gone to the leadership challenger who finished second – but he apparently declined the ‘honour’, because of the somewhat bad taste the whole ordeal left.  As an afterthought, what are the chances that all four leadership contenders should have been given back their entry fees of Five Thousand Dollars each – given that the BCCP was unable to hold a valid and successful leadership contest?

Perhaps with the fact that the BCCP went into the 2017 election with only 10 candidates, a sad, juvenile election platform and neither a Leader nor a reasonably long-serving campaign manager and party spokesman (the holder of those two lofty positions jumping ship just weeks before the actual election date)?

No, I think I will begin with the ‘heart of the matter’ – a mindset and a political philosophy that appears exclusive (as opposed to inclusive), authoritarian (bordering on totalitarian) instead of democratic, closed to debate, dissent and discussion (instead of encouraging it) and run by a Board of Directors who do not appear to even respect and follow their own party’s constitution and bylaws.

Now, I have encouraged any one of the Board of Directors to discuss and debate the veracity of my carefully researched statements but all that has been forthcoming from the BCCP officers and directors – even their newest media sycophants, is silence, a refusal to even stand up for their own transgressions and questionable decisions.  I have precious little use for anyone who is unable and unwilling to ‘own their mistakes’, even provide justification for their own decisions – and I certainly wouldn’t want to vote such a person (or party) into a position of powerful political office.  That, for me, is the height of hypocrisy.

My blogging media associate, newly restored member of the BCCP, also pronounced in his August 13, 2017 article that ‘You are what you do, not what you say‘.  Sound words, good words, words to live by – unless you are the directors of the BCCP.  Time for me to call them out  in accordance with #NoMoreBS4BC.

Here are some of the alarming changes and amendments to the BCCP Constitution and Bylaws proposed by the BCCP officers and directors –  as well as some background history, substantiated by facts, actual documents in most cases, and allegations made by individuals who were present in some of the Board meetings that presumptively have led to the proposed constitutional changes.

Their voices have not been heard – because the current ‘leadership’ of the BC Conservative Party does not want their voices to be publicly heard and I am one of many former members who believe in knowing both sides of the story – before I make a final decision.  In the absence of normal, reasoned discussion and debate – all we are left with are the established facts and the direction that those facts lead.

These are some of the proposed constitutional and bylaw changes and amendments, saving the ‘best for last’.


Article 10.03 (existing)

The Constitution and By-Law Review Committee Chair shall present the proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws to the attendees at the AGM or SGM to be voted on a special resolution requiring a seventy five (75%) (two thirds (2/3)) majority vote of the Members present for adoption.

The background:  A Special General Meeting was held in June, 2015 and a handful of the members of the BCCP allowed the constitution and bylaws to be completely replaced.  The changes to the constitution and bylaws were mostly self-serving, protectionist wording intended to insulate the leadership and Board of Directors from criticism and dissension.  Some clauses were so mystifying as to be almost unbelievable.  The existing by-laws currently state that only 40% support is required for the BCCP leader to remain as leader of the party.  The democratic principle of majority rule does not even find a place in the BCCP bylaws.

Any change to the number of members required to change the constitution should be questioned, and seriously questioned, by responsible, concerned members of the BCCP.  A small roomful of individuals created a draconian and flawed constitution and bylaws for thousands of members back in 2015.

The current Board of Directors is asking that even fewer people have the ability to bind all members to a revised constitution – without a proper time frame or forum in which to discuss and debate.  This was one of the undemocratic, unprincipled fallacies of the last constitutional change and some of the defects in that document are leading to the changes being proposed by the Board at this time – strictly for their own protection from criticism and to  limit general membership rights and input/feedback.

Constitutional scholars and the legal community knows that the constitution and bylaws of an organization are the most critical and important documents that govern any society, organization or political body.  Changes to the constitution should never be made lightly, casually, without the input of the general members – or without a reasonable time frame that allows proper input and discussion.  It is irresponsible to make constitutional changes on any other basis.

Article 12.04 (existing)

The change only is provided hereunder, not the entire article referencing the Leader Candidate review process.

All approval of Candidates must receive a two-thirds (2/3) majority (majority vote) of the entire Board of Directors and shall be final and binding.

The background:  The eligibility of the previous ‘Leader’ supposedly elected in the 2016 leadership contest was rejected because the successful candidate did not receive the necessary two-thirds (2/3) majority vote from the Board of Directors.  I find fault with the amendment on two grounds, first that it is self-serving and is only intended to avoid a similar embarrassment in future, and second, that I do not consider it democratic to even allow the Board of Directors to accept or reject a Leadership Candidate.  That should be the right of the many, not the right of the few.  That is the kind of exclusionary, autocratic political procedure that keeps more good people from entering into politics.

Article 17.03 (existing)

Such complaint must be in writing, must set out the details of the action or statement which gave rise to the complaint, the remedy sought, and such evidence as may be pertinent.

Article 17.03 (proposed)

Such complaint must be in writing, must set out the details of the action or statement which gave rise to the complaint, the remedy sought, and such evidence as may be pertinent.  Each complaint must also be accompanied by a $1,000.00 bond payable to the Party to be used at the Board’s discretion, to offset any legal or other costs that may be incurred in reaching a final disposition of the complaint.  Any unused funds from the bond would be returned to the complainant after final resolution of the complaint.  Should the complaint be found to be completely valid at the end of the complain process, the complainant’s $1,000.00 bond will be fully refunded to them in a timely fashion.

The background:

A formal complaint was filed by a former director of the BC Conservative Party in late 2016 after a number of matters were brought to light and outlined in accordance with the existing bylaws.  The current Board of Directors did not deal with the complaint in accordance with the BC Conservative Party’s own bylaws and refused the required appeal process to a valid and current member of the party.  In fact, one of the current Board Executive Members wrote back to the complainant indicating that the Board would not allow the appeal process – in direct violation of the existing bylaw.  (I have an electronic copy of the letter sent from the Board to the complainant on file).

The requirement to provide a One Thousand Dollar bond is clearly an intended deterrent to any member of the BC Conservative Party from filing any complaint against one, or multiple members, of the Board of Directors.  It is a sign of a totalitarian style of governance that brooks no opposition or dissension.  It is a disturbing sign of the kind of leadership that exists within the BC Conservative Party and all members, members of the public and perhaps even Elections BC should be concerned with the constitutionality of such an amendment, even in the context of Human Rights legislation.  I am hoping that IntegrityBC will eventually be drawn into looking into this whole sordid mess.

Finally, the denouement.  The Big One.  The reason that I think that Elections BC should be looking thoroughly and possibly forensically into the affairs of the BC Conservative Party.


Title (existing)


Title (proposed)


Further on:

Article 1.01 (proposed)

The “Party” means the “Conservative Party of British Columbia“, also known as the “Conservative Party of BC“, “BC Conservatives“, “Conservative BC” and the “CPBC“.

The background:

It has long been rumoured that the BC Conservative Party is in financial difficulty, in fact showing that it was insolvent as at the 2015 mandatory filing with Elections BC.  It has also be alleged that there may be a variety of lawsuits pending that involve the legal entity known as the ‘British Columbia Conservative Party’.  It is almost universally accepted that the British Columbia Conservative Party or BCCP is essentially a failing fringe party with eroding public support and with eroding membership.  It is factual that the BC Conservative Party only fielded 10 candidates as recently as 3 months ago and that the BCCP received less than 10,000 total (aggregate, combined) votes in the last province wide general election vote.  The BCCP was so insignificant that its results were not even followed on BC’s election night coverage on television, radio or other media – with the one exception of a candidate who ’tilted’ the Courtenay-Comox riding in favour of the NDP.

As a former corporate banker I am aware that the dissolution of a corporate entity or society can ‘extinguish’ any outstanding liabilities, debts and even potential liabilities and debts, contingent or otherwise.  In layman’s terms, when a corporation files for bankruptcy, the officers and directors of the bankrupt company are not normally held liable, unless there is evidence of fraud, collusions or improprieties that may have influenced the circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy.

In most cases, those self-same officers and directors can establish a new company, debt free – and start the whole process all over again, unfettered by the haunting spectre of outstanding debt obligations and lawsuits, in process or potential.

This is the critical question the general membership should be asking – and Elections BC should be confirming.  Is the legal entity known as the ‘British Columbia Conservative Party’, ‘BC Conservatives’ and the ‘BCCP’ merely changing its name or is it actually the case that the existing political party is being extinguished and being reborn as the ‘Conservative Party of British Columbia’, the ‘Conservative Party of BC’, ‘BC Conservatives’, ‘Conservative BC’ and the ‘CPBC’?

The answer to that question has many ramifications.

First and foremost.  Does the British Columbia Conservative Party have a written commitment in place to honour any and all of its obligations, debts and agreements with all parties, including members agreements and even member complaints under the existing constitution and bylaws?

Second.  Does anyone with an understanding of the English language actually believe that someone can reserve the right to the usage of the words ‘Conservative BC’ when I daresay that hundred of thousands of individuals and entities consider themselves ‘conservative bc’ without the requirement or obligation of belonging to a newly proposed political body.  Capital ‘C’ conservatives are much different that small ‘ c’ conservatives and there is no possible way that the ‘Conservative BC’ name should be branded exclusively for the benefit of a few hundred failing political wannabes from a fringe political party.  Again, I trust that Elections BC and IntegrityBC will allow some overview and discussion on the matter.

Third.  ‘A rose is a rose is a rose’.  Gertrude Stein.  ‘A fringe political party is a fringe political party is a fringe political party’.  Me.  Nothing has changed or will change with the proposed change of name except that certain delusional individuals believe that they can somehow achieve legitimacy and credibility with a new name.  Voters (and members) will not be flocking to support the ‘Conservative Party of British Columbia’ any more than they rushed to support the ‘British Columbia Conservative Party’.  Just the facts.

Only a meaningful change – a change of philosophy, a change of direction, a change in accountability, a change in ethical behaviour and a change of officers and directors will positively influence the perception and the credibility of the BC Conservative Party.  There are numerous, too numerous to list, good reasons why the BC Conservative Party has been consistently rejected by the BC voter since the last member was elected in 1975.

A change of name will make no difference to the astute voter – whatsoever.

Now, let me encourage you to look up the names of the individuals who are currently serving on the Board of Directors of the British Columbia Conservative Party – and who will likely be resurfacing as candidates for office in the proposed Conservative Party of British Columbia and all of its iterations.  The party’s website is ‘’.   Soon to be ‘’  according to a WhoIs search.

They may be names worth remembering once all of the dust settles after the scheduled Annual General Meeting of the BCCP to be held on September 30th, 2017.  If you are a member of the BCCP, this may be your last chance to fix a political party that is very, very broken.   If you are not a member of the BCCP, take everything you hear from the BCCP with responsible scepticism.   Get the facts.   Demand the facts.  End the hypocrisy.  ‘You are what you do, not what you say’.

You heard it here first, folks.  Now, once again, I invite any and all members of the BCCP Board to respond to my assessment and insight into their manoeuvrings and machinations.

And, to my fellow blogger and political pundit who professes to abhor hypocrisy and who believes that ‘You are what you do, not what you say’.

What say you – and what are you going to do?  Let’s enter into a lively, spirited discussion and debate – with the best interests of all BC voters at stake.






A Reader Provides Some Perspective

We have been given permission to offer the following insight from Cal Davis.

I am sad today about the acts of Terror that have occurred this weekend in the US.  I also join with many Americans in regards to Trumps condemning the original violence without acknowledging the activities  of many white supremacists and neo Nazis.

A couple of other things have come to mind. First of all for the most part the American press refer to the neo Nazis as white supremacists or white nationalists.

In Canada neo Nazis are most referred to as the far right. That is particularly so on CBC.

Today I recalled  when a terrorist invaded Parliament Hill after killing an unarmed reservist. That event was referred to by the Commissioner of the RCMP as the following:

It was clearly an Act of Terror (based on) his background and motivation. Most Canadians referred to the incident as an attack by a terrorist. Even Trudeau Junior referred to it as a terrorist attack

But there was one prominent person at the time that refused to call it a terrorist act. And that person as you will recall was Tom Mulcair  , the official opposition leader and head of the NDP.
Yes, his comments were reported in the press, but other than some follow up comments by Conservative MPs, you never heard about the Mulcair’s remarks again.

Now my point is this. Wasn’t Muclair’s refusal to recognize the attacks in Ottawa as a terrorist attack similar to Trumps original remarks about the Virginia incidents?

Muclair said our terrorist had a mental condition. I guess you could also argue the same thing about the guy that ran a car into a group of demonstrators and injured many and killed one of them in Virginia?

By the way our terrorist had a history of involvement with terrorist organizations.

Anyways, my point is how Mulcair was able to get away with those comments and is still receiving a handsome salary as a Member of Parliament.

Cal Davis


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