As voters, it is time we asked ourselves ‘Where were we when we allowed politicians to becoming corrupt, lawless and wholly unaccountable to us, the electorate?’

On both sides of the border, we are constantly shocked at the ongoing revelations from Freedom of Information requests and law suit petitions to the bureaucracy concerning a litany of blatant constitutional violations and undeniable unethical practices.

In the US, there is no longer any doubt that the Deep State exists, has existed and without the election of Donald Trump, would probably have continued to exist – spying on US citizens for political gain, ignoring constitutional imperatives and flagrant disregard for underlying US laws.  The Deep State actively (not passively) is being revealed as supporting the Democratic Party to the exclusion of conscience, accountability and transparency.  Why was this allowed to happen?

Because the elected representatives themselves, in many cases, are corrupt, unethical and wholly incapable of acting in good faith without extreme partisan bias and self-serving special interests.

The latest revelation in the US is that Christopher Steele, the infamous author of the ‘Fake Trump Dossier’ was a de facto agent of the Obama administration, participating in more than one hundred (100) reports and covert investigations between 2014 and 2016, according to the most recent published information. Never previously disclosed.  Never to be revealed without the due diligence of justice and democracy watch groups. The Democratic Party is dirty (at the top) – filthy dirty and the continued attempts to undermine President Trump and the Republican Party will inevitably result in the exposure of systemic corruption at a level that will make the Watergate investigation look like a children’s picnic, in comparison.

How is it possible that the US has sunk to this new low in ethical, accountable and transparent government practice?

Because we let it happen.  With the full support and complicity of an equally corrupt, unaccountable and biased Main Stream Media that is no longer anything other than a propaganda tool for the socialist left.  The word ‘News’ should be dropped in its entirety from MSM broadcasts.  News is not what is being reported unless it pertains to hurricanes, natural disasters, mass murders or the odd ‘human interest’ story.  Otherwise, the deliberate emphasize is leftist, socialist propaganda with ‘opinion’ commentators taking the place of ‘news’ broadcasters.

It is long past time that we rise up in outrage and be insulted that we are treated so cavalierly, manipulated so blatantly, treated so dishonestly by a self-serving media that is every bit as corrupt as the politicians and the bureaucrats they support.

It has been often noted in Twitter feeds and other non-traditional news sources that the Canadian Main Stream Media is every bit as corrupt and complicit, perhaps even more so.  Why?  Because, instead of reporting on the real alarming news stories being generated by an equally corrupt, self-serving and unethical Liberal government in Ottawa including constitutional violations and unethical practices revealed by the (thankfully departing) Ethics Commissioner, the Canadian Main Stream Media follows, like brainless sheep, the lead of the US MSM, reporting extensively and perversely on US issues and concocted stories, rather than concentrating on the very real issues and challenges that Canadians are facing.

The Main Stream Media is unethical and completely obvious  in its bias.  So why are we not disgusted, as voters and citizens, to the point where we demand accountability, transparency, balance and integrity?

Perhaps slowly, but surely, we are seeing the trend away from unqualified,  unjustifiable faith in the integrity of the media, both in Canada and in the US.  Frankly, its about time.

A Harvard University sponsored Harvard-Harris poll, in 2017, revealed that ‘nearly two-thirds of Americans say the mainstream press is full of fake news, a sentiment that is held by a majority of voters across the ideological spectrum’.  Source: The Hill

In February, 2017 a Gallup poll indicated:

‘trust in the mass media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly” is at its lowest level in polling history.

Only 32 per cent of respondents said they trusted the mainstream media.’

Unfortunately, Canadians do not appear to be as quick at realizing how we are being duped, manipulated and denied actual news by Canadian news sources – at least according to some reports, most notably a ‘bought and paid for’ IPSOS poll sponsored by the Radio Television Digital News Association in 2017.  Even this biased, self-serving poll indicated that  31% of Canadians do not continue to trust traditional news media.

What that tells me is that 69% of Canadians are too lazy, too complacent or too uncaring to meaningfully and honestly assess the quality of the information that is being provided through traditional, corporate shareholder profit-driven ‘opinion’ broadcasters.

My thoughts?  Wake up, Canada, and pay attention to what is really going on in the world around us.

A Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism based on a large (70,000 plus) sampling size from 36 different countries provides the real facts.

The 18-24 year age group gets 64% of its news from Online sources, including social media.  Television is only accountable for 24% and print media trails badly at 5%.

The 25-34 year age group gets 58% of its news from Online sources, including social media.  Television accounts for 29% and print media still trails badly at 5%.

The 35-44 year age group gets 49% of its news from Online sources, including social media.  Television improves to 37% but print media remains a dismal 6%.

The 45-54 year age group gets 39% of its news from Online sources, including social media.  Television provides 45% and print media  remains a distant 7%.

Only in the 55+ age group is the provisions of traditional main stream media a major factor.  Online sources provide 28% while television is pre-eminent at 51% while print media rises marginally to 11%.

So who are you going to believe?  Those in failing industries who are desperate to maintain any semblance of market share?  Opinion commentators who are stooping to the trashy supermarket tabloid headlines in order to satisfy their corporate bosses and shareholders?

Or, is it finally time to acknowledge that we need to take personal responsibility and either call out ‘fake news’ or just dismiss it as irrelevant noise and distraction.

Clearly, those under 45 years of age have already got the message.  They, as a group, are receiving well over half of their news from online sources – just as it should be.  Unfiltered, and immediate, with biases that are readily apparent and determinable based on the source.

The corollary to this new reality is that there is still a significant percentage of the population that is not receiving unfiltered, factual information.  Instead, those individuals continue to mistakenly and harmfully rely on Main Stream Media – to the detriment of good public policy, accountability and transparency.

Too many individuals in Canada do not know that the sitting Prime Minister is an intellectually and ideology challenged puppet of interest groups who do not have the best interests of Canada at heart.  One has to read Twitter feeds and ‘alternate’ news sources to find out what is really going on.  We need to elect a ‘Canadian’ Prime Minister in 2019, not an intellectually challenged Globalist.

How many Canadians know that the average Canadian (81% of taxpayers) will be paying more tax in 2018, not less as represented by the Liberals and mindlessly trumpeted by Canadian Main Stream Opinionists?  A current Fraser Institute study indicates that almost all Canadian families with children (excluding Quebec, not surprisingly) will pay $2,218 more in taxes in 2018 than they did in 2017.

The Canadian main stream media has strenuously avoided the reported ethics violations of both Trudeau and his opportunistic multi-millionaire buddy Morneau who has also reportedly violated a number of ethical standards concerning his own business affairs.  Canadians have to look elsewhere for factual, unbiased information as we cannot rely on the MSM to provide genuine, factual information.

The Canadian main stream media also conveniently avoids exposing other obvious gaffes and biases of the current government.  When basic individual freedoms are being undermined, including the freedom of expression and the freedom of speech, where is the self-righteous MSM?  After all, it is the essence of the ability of the press to speak freely that is supposed to protect us all from tyrants.  At least, that was once the case, before the MSM became propagandist puppets of the current government.

It is a huge story when an Islamic child reports (falsely) that she was attacked because of her religion and her garb.  It is a opportunity for a smug, globalist Trudeau to admonish and lecture Canadians on our ‘intolerance’ and our ‘Islamophobia’.

Where is the outrage and the ‘huge story’ from the MSM when it turns out that the story was false and that the timing of all concerned seems to indicate that Trudeau is far more interested in pushing an agenda rather than determining the truth?

Finally, let’s take the cesspool of politics into our own backyard in British Columbia.

Gregor Roberts is not running for re-election as mayor in Vancouver and his ‘Vision’ party is trying hard to keep all Freedom of Information requests from revealing his complicity into the explosive, unaffordable Vancouver real estate market that is denying affordable housing to many lower mainland residents.

The BC Liberal Party is fighting hard to keep its ‘love affair’ with pay for play corporate and Asian donors from exposing the graft and the corruption that plagued the Liberal government until its demise in 2016.

Foreign money laundering in casinos.  Ministers of state conveniently (?) shutting down oversight procedures and agencies.

Total and absolute misrepresentation to BC voters concerning the affairs of Crown Corporations such as ICBC.  Publicly reporting an $11 Million deficit in 2017 when the truth is closer to a Billion Dollars ($900,000,000 estimated).  The very real prospect of money laundering in ICBC claims as reported by Attorney General David Eby to the legislature.

‘Housing and trans-national money laundering’.  David Eby, Attorney General, BC.

Everywhere we look, the current political model is dirty, corrupt, unaccountable and lacking in transparency.

The main stream media is complicit through its silence and its tacit support of leftist, socialist policies that contribute to the inequities and abuses in our system.

There should be one law for all.  Plain and simple.

At what point is the common citizen, hoi polloi, going to become educated, involved, engaged and indignant enough to ‘fix what is broken’?

The US is a polarized society that is facing a huge constitutional challenge in 2018.

Canada is a rapidly polarizing society that is also facing a huge constitutional challenge in 2018 – but how many astute Canadians actually see it or even care, at this point?

It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to hold our government and its officials to a higher standard.  It is vital that we restore accountability, transparency and integrity into our system of government.

It is time to ‘write off’ the Main Stream Media for what they really are – apologists and propagandists for the leftist, socialist and globalist government currently in power.

It is time to get involved – in order that we can collectively work towards making a difference.

The direction and the future of our national identity is at stake as is the economic, societal and intellectual welfare of our children and future generations.

Will a new political movement arise from the prevailing chaos and emerge as a new standard to which we can all aspire?

Will more of us resort to non-traditional sources to share ideas, philosophies, and goals?  (If you don’t have a Twitter account, get one.  Instagram.  Periscope.)  Find out what is really happening without filters and MSM propagandized bias.

Will more of us devote time to expose the increasing corruption pandemic in our current political reality and to take personal responsibility by demanding meaningful, positive  change?

If so, please hurry.  Those of us with vision know that we are rapidly running out of time.

Its time to give a damn.