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British Columbia may well lay claim to being one of the most beautiful geographic areas on earth, with 27,000 kilometers of coastline, mountains that tower to almost 5,000 meters, almost 60 million hectares of forest, including boreal. subalpine, montane and coastal variants, and a land mass approaching 95 million hectares (944,735 square km or 364,764 sq miles), larger than the combined nations of France and Germany, almost 4 times the size of Great Britain and larger than any US state with the exception of Alaska.

British Columbia is home to 4 1/2 million people, the third largest population in Canada and with a population density of  4.76 humans for every square km (12.3 individuals for every square mile).

As British Columbia is the furthest west province in Canada, it has become the ‘gateway’ for both the import and the export of goods, including raw resources and finished goods.  British Columbia is the western terminus of Canada’s railway system, highway system and resource pipeline system.

While the province of BC is comparatively vast and underpopulated, with a shrinking rural component including a large number of active and engaged First Nations communities, the largest component of the population is urban based in the lower coastal mainland.  The city of Vancouver and its metropolitan area comprises more than half (51%) of the entire population of British Columbia and Vancouver is Canada’s third largest city.

That is a brief synopsis of the province of British Columbia.

The following is the rationale behind the creation of,

There is a legal requirement known as ‘fiduciary trust’.

By definition:

A fiduciary trust is a fiduciary relationship in which a trustee holds the title to assets for the beneficiary. The trust’s creator is called the grantor.

In the province of British Columbia, the trustee is the elected government and all of the civil servants and bureaucrats who manage the assets that by law belong to all of us who live and reside in British Columbia, almost without exception.

The assets are all of the land holdings, improvements, buildings, equipment, tax dollars et cetera that are publicly funded and owned, the resources of the land, under the land and on and under the sea.  These assets are the legacy that must be vigilantly and fiercely guarded and maintained by us so that they are sustained and available to future generations.

We are collectively the grantor of the fiduciary trust and it is up to the trustees to manage our assets to the absolute best of their ability.

It is our responsibility, our duty, to hold the trustees responsible and accountable and to remove them if they do not perform their duties in accordance with the trust bond that has been created between the voter and the government.

The creation of is intended to provide yet another vehicle to help facilitate the monitoring and the vigilance required of all of us, as residents and trustees in our own right with our children, grandchildren and future generations as the grantors.

Joseph de Maistre: “Every country has the government it deserves (Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite”)

Diogenes: “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth“.

If we are responsible and vigilant, then perhaps future generations will truly  have the opportunity of benefiting from the motto of the Province of British Columbia.

‘Splendor sine occasu’.  Splendour without diminishment.


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  2. K. M. Hataley

    ‘Be not intimidated […] nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery, and cowardice.’ ~ John Adams

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