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Faith Is A Fool’s Excuse To Deny Accountability

I just heard another commentator and guest on a national (and nationally funded) radio network that shall remain nameless (but that contain the letters BCC in its name, not necessarily in that order) espouse the dangerous and growing fallacy that ‘We must have faith in those we have elected’ and similar mantras.

Not only nonsensical but dangerously so, from a societal perspective.  Too much of our existence is based on misplaced faith.  Without ongoing and diligent oversight, those entrusted with power, whether elected or appointed, inevitably tend to become more protective, more secretive and less transparent.

Perhaps even worse, those in power often think that they have donned some magic cloak of omnipotence.  The sad reality is that, all too often we, hoi polloi, the masses, the ‘common’ folk, allow them to perpetuate that myth.

The latest example of a culture of entitlement comes from an almost surprising source.  One of the seemingly most venerated and publicly admired figures, certainly in the Western world, has stooped to the same vile and petulant practice of dealing with whistle blowing (the practice of making making classified information available to the general public) as has been exhibited by an ever-growing number of politicians and bureaucrats.

Yes, Pope Francis, I am talking about you.  While you espouse many wonderful virtues and while 1.2 billion Roman Catholics worldwide embrace you as the ‘earthly father’ of their religion, you have just proved yourself to be as petty and as secretive as many politicians who we justifiably criticize and expose for their failures in accountability.

Pope Francis, you have just shown yourself to be as fallible and as petulant as the rest of us ‘mere mortals’.  As a result, you have diminished my ability to have ‘faith’ and trust in you.  That’s a bit of a sad paradox considering that it is your job to convince the billions of mortals on this planet that we need to embrace and ‘have faith’ in a higher power.

A Vatican judge accountable to Pope Francis has indicted 5 individuals for leaking information concerning alleged financial improprieties and mismanagement within Vatican City and the Roman Catholic Church.

Their crime?  Shedding light.

Have you read your own Bible, Pope Francis?

Mark 4:22 “For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light“.  (NKJV)

Because the Vatican City was granted independent nation status in 1929, the Vatican and its 842 (estimated) residents are not bound by or protected by the 2012 Italian legislation that grants statutory protection to whistleblowers working in the public sector.

Congratulations, Pope Francis.  You have now stooped to the same low level of human petulance and iron-fisted secretive control of your own fouled nest as most other politicians and bureaucrats.  The selfsame politicians and bureaucrats who seek our approval and our respect.

What you, Pope Francis, have failed to understand and appreciate is that your wholly inappropriate and unjust actions has now diminished, rather than enhanced, your ultimate power.

There will be thousands, millions and perhaps billions of hoi polloi, the masses, the common folk, who now have lost some respect for you – and your message.  With that lack of respect comes a growing lack of trust, and ultimately, a lack of support.  And that lack of support, for those who cling to power, is the ultimate weapon that we, hoi polloi, use to slay the dragon.  Give us enough reasons to distrust you and we will ultimately take away the power that you seem to crave above all else, including moral and ethical behavior and policies.

Politicians seem to be so disappointed when they are barraged with statistics and public opinion polls that indicate that there is a continuing decline in ‘approval rating’ and the level of trust that we have in politicians and the political process.  Yet those same politicians deliberately, and with malice aforethought, choose to destroy evidence, lose files and emails, prosecute whistleblowers and otherwise throw cloaks of secrecy over their dirty, sordid secrets.

Shame on you, Pope Francis for sinking to the same low level of ethical behavior as has been demonstrated by all too many of your contemporaries.  Yes, I’m talking about you, Christy Clark, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Adrian Dix, Alison Rutherford, Rupert Murdoch – and a growing list of others too long to identify in this brief post.  Add to that list, Pope Francis.

You bring shame to your exalted position.

‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’.  Harry S. Truman



Be careful what you wish for.


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