Just when you think that the BC Conservative Party cannot prove itself to be any more incompetent and inept, the brain trust once again proves us wrong.  This is a political party that must be contained in a safe, secure place where cogent, responsible people can all keep wary, concerned eyes on it – for the good of all concerned.  While there are far more pressing political issues facing BC in the upcoming 2017 provincial election, a separation is taking place between reality – and the bumbling misadventures of a misguided and embarrassingly naive assembly of (probably) well-intended individuals who are failing miserably in attempts to make a broken fringe party into a legitimate political contender.

Perhaps it is time for Elections BC to take a close look at what this draconian political party is attempting to do – and what it has done in the recent past to alienate and disenfranchise a growing number of former members (and quite possibly current members) who have been unable to insert even the smallest modicum of common sense and ethical thought process into the discussion.

In a disturbing newsletter that clearly indicates that the BCCP braintrust has no comprehension of the importance of democracy and the guiding principles thereof, the communications committee (?) has released a newsletter to members headlined  ‘Signatures Needed‘ – asking members to link to a form that will allow them to attach up to six members’ facsimile signatures, names, addresses and telephone numbers on an online form that is headed ‘Private and Confidential’ and produced by: C:\Users\Stories\Documents\Numbers\BCCP Board (Numbers)\Candidate Review Committee\Support signature form.xlsx

This is a blank document that references no leadership candidate’s name, no mention that it is even related to the leadership nomination process nor does the form contain any other identifying text that would otherwise signify that the form has any relationship to the BC Conservative Party itself.

What a clever way to promote and encourage identify theft and fraud.

Why is the BCCP asking you to send a facsimile signature (or up to 6 such signatures) to them in this illogical and irregular manner?

I hope you are sitting down – as I attempt to explain something that is virtually inexplicable, but consistent with recent BCCP executive misadventures and missteps.

The BC Conservative Party is scheduled to hold its Annual General Meeting and Leadership Review in Prince George, BC in September, 2016.

The Candidate Review Committee has imposed a deadline of July 15th, 2016 for all leadership candidates to have the necessary signatures on their nomination application.  It is best for us to let the BCCP speak for itself on this matter:

Potential leadership candidates are being interviewed this weekend by the Candidate Review Committee.
Time is short for them to gather the 67 signatures required in Bylaw 12.06.  The deadline is July 15. Your  signature on this form will be a big help.  Please reply by email with a scanned copy or fax it to 250-286-3677.
The continuously up-dated number of signatures received so far is shown here as “xx of 67” just above the words “Leadership Convention”.

So what is wrong with this picture and why is one of the very underlying principles of ethical democratic behaviour being questioned? (Not for the first time, we might add?).

Just as at the February 2016 AGM whereby attendees did not know who they were to consider as candidates (or to vote for) until literally minutes before the actual vote itself, this ill-conceived (and quite possibly illegal) form is asking members to attach their signatures and pertinent information to a blank form that apparently the BCCP Executive and Candidate Review Committee can use – or misuse, in any way it so chooses.

Yes, contrary to any rational thought process, the BCCP is asking its members to sign a blank endorsement which the BCCP and the Candidate Review Committee may then attach to any candidate for leader it chooses.

In essence, members are being asked to provide their signature in support of an unknown individual (or individuals) in order to satisfy the statutory requirements of Bylaw 12.06 and in order to meet the July 15th, 2016 deadline.

To say that this is an alarming, (and quite possibly illegal), political maneuver is an understatement.  I am sure that reasonably competent and intelligent people (in their own individual right and capacity) have created this political faux pas, quite possibly a legal electoral nightmare, in a collective decision in which the aggregate political IQ of the participants has reduced itself to a level at which the BCCP is clearly not politically capable of making intelligent decisions.   We postulate that these decisions are not ethical, moral or quite possibly not even legal in the eyes of Elections BC and the relevant legal statutes.

Just so you know that this is not being fabricated by the author for some political gain or other nefarious purpose,  a copy of the disturbing (and quite probably illegal) form asking for a member’s ‘facsimile signature’ on a blank document (supposedly for use on official nomination papers) will be provided upon request.

Can you imagine a political entity that wants to govern the Province of BC asking you to sign a ‘blank cheque’?  Or to sign a legal contract without any clauses or details?  Yes, readers, that is exactly what the BCCP is asking its members to do.   This is a disturbing continuation of unethical practices that has become an epidemic that has decimated the BCCP – and has resulted in a disturbing number of rational supporters  and members who have found no alternative but to withdraw their support.

Oh, yes.   We should explain why this irrational and arrogant request has even been brought forward.   The BCCP bylaws apparently require 67 signatures on a leadership nomination application.   (Actually, the online bylaw 12.06 actually says ‘at least 50 member signatures’ but why would we not be surprised that BCCP new math apparently translates ‘more than 50’ to actually mean 67).  You have to be a member of the BCCP executive in order to understand this new math.

Almost five months after announcing the leadership ‘opportunity’, not a single candidate appears to have found 67 members to support a nomination bid.  (Read the previous blog entitled ‘Help Wanted.  Lots of Help. Heaps of Help.’ to reveal some of the reasons why).

To further highlight the absurdity of the situation, the BCCP website is publishing a ‘number’ indicating how many actual nomination signatures have been obtained to date, some ethically and legally – or otherwise, through this alarmingly comical and  pathetic process. The number obtained as of this publication date?  30 out of the necessary 67 signatures required.

For which leadership candidate?  Who knows?

For how many leadership candidates in aggregate?  Who knows?

It appears that the BCCP Candidate Leadership Review committee might know.  But it seems that they don’t want to tell anyone else.   After all, knowledge is power –  and secrecy and a lack of transparency are two of the cornerstones of democracy.  Or so they would have us believe.

Don’t forget that this draconian brain trust is going to be asking for your vote – if and when the BCCP finds and anoints a Leader and some election candidates.  Please review the evidence on balance and cast your vote accordingly.   I, for one, will not be supporting a political entity with the unethical and possibly illegal practices being continuously perpetrated by the BCCP – as evidenced once again with this farcical leadership fiasco.

Post Script.

While we are at it, we might as well point out that the BCCP also included images of facsimile Canadian $100 bills from three different time frames on the most recent electronic newsletter – apparently contrary to the Bank of Canada’s strict requirements as posted on the Bank of Canada website.

After all, why not encourage counterfeiting while you are engaged in a ponzy scheme involving unsuspecting gullible members and leadership candidates?

It is a sad condemnation that common sense, ethical practices and accountability have deserted the BC Conservative Party.  We can hardly contain our enthusiasm at finding out just what additional moments of pathos and comedic relief the BCCP will provide as it bumbles blindly and without savvy leadership into the 2017 election campaign.

We are keenly aware that more pressing and important political matters deserve the attention of the voters and residents of BC.  We will endeavour to provide stimulating discussion and debate on those issues as the 2017 provincial election draws closer.  Unlike the BCCP, we will attempt to do so in a transparent, open manner without reliance on questionable ethical practices and standards.